Enhanced Programs and Services

The Indigenous Education Department partners with schools, teachers, Special Education, district administration, Indigenous communities and Indigenous students and their families to strengthen Indigenous voice, presence and perspective in schools and classrooms across the district. Programs and services will vary depending on the school needs and Indigenous student numbers.

The Ministry of Education provides targeted funding for enhanced programs and services for Indigenous  students. Funded  Indigenous programs and services must be in addition to any other program and service which an Indigenous  student is eligible. Targeted Indigenous  education funding must not be used to replace other funded programs or for the delivery of the provincial curriculum. For more information, go to BC Ministry of Education’s K-12 Funding – Aboriginal Education webpage.

The Indigenous Education Department staff is comprised of:
District Principal
District Indigenous Helping Teacher
Indigenous Education Inquiry Teacher
Indigenous Education Workers (in each of the schools in the district)
Indigenous Outreach Workers
Success Coach Teachers

Our 17 Elementary, 3 Middle, 4 Secondary and Alternate programs receive service from the Indigenous  Education staff. This is achieved through planning and delivery with district schools.

 Indigenous Ancestry Brochure 2021-22

School Based Programs and Services

Programs and services will vary at each of the schools – please contact the District Principal of Indigenous  Education for more information if your son or daughter qualifies for “enhanced” support.